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CAIF attends the Unity Walk!

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On Sunday CAIF went to the Unity Walk! Co-leader Julia was filmed asking a Jewish faith leader questions about their faith for an IFC project. We visited a Jewish Synagogue, Sikh Gurdwara, Buddhist temple, Russian Orthodox Church and the Islamic center this year and saw many old friends and made some new ones too. It was neat seeing the Interfaith hospitality—the Russian priest greeting Muslim visitors with “Salaam Alaikum” and the Mormon Elders greeting at the Islamic Center where we saw an interfaith choir perform and visited the sanctuary. At the Buddhist Temple, Interfaith Power and Light was providing tree seedlings to plant to help the environment. 


Golu Hindu Festival

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CAIF co-leaders did some planning and then celebrated the Hindu holiday Golu last weekend and Dhruv explained the meaning behind their family’s display of dolls. For more information see this article! We learned that it is celebrated in different ways in different parts of India, partly because “India” is a political boundary that somewhat arbitrarily grouped many kingdoms. Each region or community has kept their own flavor of celebration.

Refugee Apartment Set up with KindWorks

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We set up another apartment for an arriving refugee family with KindWorks. The family is 2 parents, 4 girls and 3 boys. We took an empty apartment and donations and created a welcoming home. We wish this family the best in America. 

Refugee Apartment Set-up with KindWorks

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Anjali: “Volunteering made me feel like I was doing something good for others. I imagined if I had to be relocated, the amount of worries I would have, at least when I got there I would have a nice place to live. “

CAIF families helped KindWorks set up another apartment for newly resettled refugees. "Many hands" truly "made light work" as about 20 volunteers from ages 6-60+ transformed the piles of donations into an inviting home for a family from Eritrea. The neighbor also helped. They are also from Eritrea and have a child of similar age! One can imagine the stress of a move, needed because of instability in one's home country, and it is so meaningful to be able to hopefully ease the transition by having an inviting home set up with all the essentials, from toiletries to toys. KindWorks always sees the pantry is stocked with culturally relevant food and usually a fresh home cooked meal from their culture.


Calvary Women's Shelter

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CAIF prepared and served a great Italian dinner with the women at Calvary and great conversation over dinner as always. 


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National School Walkout

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We walked out. Next the March for Our Lives on the 24th. Register" target="_blank">here.


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February 24th, Discussion with Iman Rauf (Cordoba House NY) with Interfaith Families Project

March 24th, March for Our Lives, Mall, Washington DC

April 6th, Prepare and Serve a meal at Calvary Women's Shelter in DC


Refugee Apartment Setup with KindWorks

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Many hands made light work as Capital Area Interfaith Friends - CAIF helped KindWorks set up another apartment for a refugee family coming to the US next week from Afghanistan. It is meaningful to try to prepare the comforts of home for a family undergoing such a huge change. The cupboards are packed with tea and dry goods and the fridge will have milk and staples and a cooked meal from their country. There are toiletries and towels and backpacks and toys and stuffed animals. We wish our new neighbors all the best in their new home. It was about 2 hours from the "before" to "after" but a lot of work was done securing furniture and donations and moving help ahead of time. Thank you KindWorks for making helping so easy and fun! See before and after pictures in albums page. 

Feb 10 Refugee Apartment Set Up with KindWorks!

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Setting up a refugee apartment this summer has been one of our most meaningful projects to date! See pix from last time below in News or in Photos!

Kindworks even fills the fridge with a meal from the refugee family's culture and stocks the pantry.

Come join us! And if you can't, see the list of items needed to donate. RSVP PLEASE!

February 10 Refugee Apartment Setup for Family of TEN

Please join KindWorks as we prepare a warm, welcoming apartment for an Afghani family with 8 children. This is our largest setup ever and our 16th apartment since April 2017! We appreciate each and every contribution.


Sign up HERE to donate housewares and to help set up the apartment. Thank you!