Refugee Apartment Setup with KindWorks

Posted by CapitolAreaInterfaithFriends1 on February 21, 2018 at 12:00 AM

Many hands made light work as Capital Area Interfaith Friends - CAIF helped KindWorks set up another apartment for a refugee family coming to the US next week from Afghanistan. It is meaningful to try to prepare the comforts of home for a family undergoing such a huge change. The cupboards are packed with tea and dry goods and the fridge will have milk and staples and a cooked meal from their country. There are toiletries and towels and backpacks and toys and stuffed animals. We wish our new neighbors all the best in their new home. It was about 2 hours from the "before" to "after" but a lot of work was done securing furniture and donations and moving help ahead of time. Thank you KindWorks for making helping so easy and fun! See before and after pictures in albums page. 

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